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In our research and development lab, we are capable of customizing materials specific to your needs. We have the ability to match colors with our state-of-the-art lab equipment. Before shipping out our products, we test and analyze them to ensure that standards are met and that there is lot-to-lot consistency.


After developing a product, we will send a sample to you for evaluation. If you are unhappy with the sample, we will modify the product until your compound requirements are met. 


We value your time, so we make sure that our products cater toward your goals.





At DN Plastics, we have the capacity to fulfill orders that range from 1 gaylord to multiple railcars. Our manufacturing consist of multiple single screw and multiple twin screw compounding lines, a heavily automated computerized production system, and a team of associates dedicated to maximizing production quality. 


With this system in place, we can guarantee lot-to-lot consistency.  






We offer various solutions for your shipping needs. Our manufacturing facility in Morrison, Tennessee is centrally located located near major highways. Our facility is served by rail right on the DN Plastics property. This allows us to ship in boxes, bulk bags, bulk by tank trailers and railcars.  


Regardless of your order size, we have the methods and means to ship our product to you. However, our assets are best suited for medium to high volume production. 

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