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DN Plastics is a plastic compounding business that was started in 1998. The company manufactures and serves various automotive, furniture, appliance, and consumer businesses. 

From the beginning, DN Plastics has striven to provide the best products for its customers. Having been in the plastic compounding market for about 24 years, our promise to you is product satisfaction.


By utilizing twin-screw compounding technologies, we have been able to produce the highest quality products. We specialize in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and thermoplastic olefins (TPO); our TPE's and TPO's are unmatched in their quality and consistency. To learn more about what we offer, take a look at our products page.


DN Plastics will deliver cost-effective solutions, and we will ship our products on time every time to meet your deadlines. 


Our mission is to exceed your expectations. 



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